Monday, July 18, 2011

Building my new studio

Wow, has it really been 3 years since I updated my blog. Yikes. Well, I have a 24ft x 24ft x 10ft shop that I plan to use for mixing, jamming/practice and even occasionally working on my car. I will be coating the floor with epoxy paint and the cabinets will be left in the shop for storage. I am not worried about soundproofing as I am in a rural area with very little traffic and I will not be jamming late at night so I won't be bothering the neighbors that are around. This will be somewhat of a multifunction room and I want to leave as much of it original as possible.

This will be an ongoing project but I would like to have a decent setup fairly quickly and on budget. I do not plan on tracking/mixing bands other than my own and that would be on very rare occasions. At this time I do not want the extra expense of building a control room.

Hmmm, not sure what other information I can provide at this time.

I know that this room is going to need a lot of dense absorption but I am not sure where it needs to be placed or exactly how much I need. The diagram below is sort of what I am thinking.

The roll-up garage door is a bit of a problem. The tracking runs right up to the ceiling and about 10 feet in along the top. I cannot put clouds there because of it.

I was thinking of filling every available corner space from floor to ceiling with OC 703 bass traps. (6x) 4ft x 8ft broadband absorbers and (3x) 4ft x 8ft portable broadband absorbers. I know that I'm going to need some diffusers and clouds incorporated into this as well.

Here a pic of the shop from the outside (click to enlarge)

This is the wall with the cabinets and part of the front wall. The room of course is completely empty now. This is a picture from before we bought it. (click to enlarge)

Left hand wall and part of the front wall (click to enlarge)

I don't have any pictures of the garage door from the inside but I'm pretty sure you get the idea.

Here is what I am planning to do for the first phase. The main objective is to have a great sounding room to be used for mixing. It will have a secondary function of tracking and a third function of working on my car.

I'm sure this project will take quite some time to complete but I'm hoping to have a good solid start by November/December. I will use this blog to update my progress.