Friday, September 5, 2008

New semester now underway - Audio Engineering 5

It seems like it was such a long time ago since I'd been in the studio but it has only been a month. Yesterday (Sept 4th, 2008) we kicked off the beginning of our new semester. Our instructor gave us the details of what will be happening in this semester and it looks like it will be awesome.

One of the projects in particular is very exciting. We will be producing/engineering this years "Stop the Rain" benefit concert. This concert features 4 bands. We will be recording the entire show as well as providing videography and lighting. For me this is an awesome opportunity to get outside of the studio and into a live environment and for a great cause to boot.

Stop the Rain Project is dedicated to humanitarian causes. Our Bandaid Benefit Concerts raised over $10,000 last year. Currently we are providing financial aid to 10 single parent families in India, funding 90 school age children in Costa Rica and helping supply a local food bank in the Greater Vancouver area. Greg Reid

This years concert will be on November 30th 2008. Check out this video from last years show. This song is featuring my instructor's band (Stop the Rain band), Greg Reid on keys. The second video is Elijah's Cry.